Thursday, October 08, 2009

What's been goin' on?

  • I was sick with the flu and it sucked. Alec was also home sick. He had a rash on his arm and torso too. The dr. prescribed a steroid for him to take. He went to the ex's for Friday nite - Sun morning. The minute he got in the car Sunday morning I said, "OMGosh Alec! You have hives!!" His arms were covered. It was obvious he was having a reaction to the drugs. Ask me if any adult that weekend noticed before that? Yeah, no. That could have been dangerous.... Moving on...

  • Livie started preschool. A lady in our neighborhood is having a small preschool in her house twice a week. Tues. Livie was THRILLED to go. Today... She screamed and I had to pry her off my hip. WTH? She was excited right up until we got on the porch. I hope this isn't gonna be how it every time. I want her to have fun!! Here's a pic from her 1st day: preschool1-768x1024

  • I just finished reading the book "Prairie Tales" by Melissa Gilbert aka "Laura Ingalls." It was a good, easy read and I liked it a lot. I grew up LOVING "Little House on the Prairie" and now I know all the inside dirt. Did you know that although Nellie was the bio-tch in Walnut Grove, that actually Mary was the bio-tch on the set?? I've been recording LH on the P all this week. The book made me miss it.

  • Christmas is coming up so there may be a bunch of blog ads taking over my blog for a while. I try my best to make real posts out of them, but sometimes it's hard. So... I apologize in advance. I'm also going to be slowing down a little on the giveaways. I wore myself out.

  • Have  I mentioned how much I love watching my kids play sports?? I bought a cowbell and I love it. LOVE.IT. And the boys love it too.  I know they do no matter how embarrassed Tristan tries to act. :)sept.oct09 028

  • I've been doing Advocare MNS Max3 and I love it. It's a lot of pills but they aren't huge and nasty tasting like horse supplements or anything. And I feel great. I've also lost a few pounds since I started the Herbal Cleanse a few weeks ago. Of course, I lost 2 with the flu, but I am down 6 in 3 weeks.... If you're interested in Advocare products I am still offering 20% thru Oct. 15. Email me!!