Friday, November 06, 2009

I had a dream.... & it sucked

FLORIDA 138Last nite I had a dream. Most of the time I wake up and vaguely remember that "yes" I dreamed something but that's about it. This morning I woke up thinking, "I love my husband!!!"  My dream sucked eggs big time. I don't know all the circumstances surrounding the dream, but apparently Sei and I were divorcing or something. I just remember calling him "Babe" like I do all the time and he said, "You don't get to call me Babe anymore." I tried to kiss him later and he said, "You don't get to kiss me." And the way he said it I know I said something to him about him needing someone to watch Taj and Liv during the day. (I guess I lost custody.) and volunteered to do it and he told me I'd have to get a "real job." WTH?!?!

I woke up STRESSED and CONFUSED. I didn't know what the heck was goin' on and I sure didn't know *why* I had such a dream?!!? But I DO know that I love my husband and that small glimpse into life without him SUCKED. I don't want to experience it ever. So Sei- I call dibs on dying first. Just sayin'...