Sunday, November 08, 2009

Playing the Glad Game

pollyanna1Have y'all seen the movie, "Pollyanna"? It's about an orphan girl who touches and changes an entire town because of her attitude. She plays "The Glad Game" where she tries to find something good in every situation- even when it's crappy. So... things have been pretty frickin' crappy around here lately, but I'm gonna play the glad game!!

  • I am most likely headed to court with the ex, but I talked to the kids a little bit and I truly feel I am fighting for what they want and what is best for them. I talked to one of the best family law attorneys in this area and he thinks I have an awesome chance. His expertise and agreement with me really helped me feel more confident in my fight. Now if I could win the lottery to pay for all this it'd be awesome.

  • I had my very first Mary Kay party and it was great!!! The women were fun and totally cool with my dorkiness. The hostess and my really great friend since 7th grade was the hostess and she really worked hard at getting outside orders and getting women there. She rocks. I made good money and built up my self-esteem.

  • I have another party scheduled for Tuesday!!

  • Tristan had a rad, rad football game on Wed. It was his last of the season. 3 tackles, 2 sacks and he looked super cute!! ;)

  • Basketball season is here y'all!! We have atleast 3 games a week and I can't wait!!!

  • I'll have another teenager in the house on Saturday. Alec will be 13!! I have good kids. I am blessed.

  • Sei took off work Saturday nite to go to the Mavericks game with some friends. Although he never takes off work to take me on a date, I am glad that I'm the only one who got to make out with him that nite.... I hope. lol