Monday, November 16, 2009

Saving money....

My husband and I have been trying to figure out ways to save money here and there. It's hard because we're "in contract" for so many things like our alarm and our internet, cell phones, etc... We were looking into changing our cable tv to something different like Direct TV in Texas , but it looks like we are in contract with our cable until August! :( It's ridiculous that just trying to save money could cost of money because of contacts! It looks like Direct Tv could save us some money and I know the quality is good because my parents have Direct TV . I can get all the same great channels, have a dvr, great customer service, etc... for less money that I am paying now. lays out all the options for tv services no matter where you move to.

We are also looking into getting rid of our home phone. We never use it The only thing is we're still in contract with ADT for our alarm for another year. It's silly to have an alarm with no phone line. Has anyone ever worked with something like that? Has anyone ever found a way out of an ADT contract without paying hundreds and hundreds of dollars?

We have a really great price for car insurance, so we can't change that. And our cars are maybe worth what we owe on them. Idk if selling them would do any good because they are good cars that work!! I'd like to keep it that way. Our plan is to pay them off and keep them forever. :)

What are some other ways to cut some bills and save money??