Saturday, November 07, 2009

Tori needs to get her groove back

I was reading thru some old posts of mine- back when I'd get 20, 30, 40 comments on them. I was funny. I was lite. I had fun. I've been so blah with my posts lately and I apologize. I've been mega wrapped up in the crap going on that I've failed to see and record the funny stuff I used to take note of. I'm going to change that.  I need to remember to find the funny, lite side of life. I need to play the "Glad Game" so to speak... (Y'all have seen 'Pollyanna' right?)

But since I don't have anything amusing to write about today I want y'all to go check out this post:

Tristan doesn't talk alot. He prefers to sit and take it all in. But man, when he DOES open his mouth he continually makes me laugh. Even when I'm saying something like, "Tristan, you need to clean the toilet." He'll bust out with, "Gosh Mom. Quit tellin' me what to do..." in a Napoleon voice. He's rad.

Ps. I have my FIRST Mary Kay party tonite!! Wish me luck!!