Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Peer pressure

So, after some pressure from another blogger who shall remain nameless (but not linkless!!) I am here posting a "real" post.

Yesterday was an interesting day. It started out as "normal" - whatever that is- until the phone rang.  "Um, Mrs. ________, this is so & so and I'm a trainer here up at the high school. We have Tristan here. We were doing fall outs and he hurt his forearm. We heard a distinct "POP," so I'm recommending getting some xrays...." Great. Sei wasn't home, Liv was at preschool. We lucked out because my Yukon has been in the shop for days now and we've been a family of 7 with one FIVE seater car. lol  Anyway, Sei was gone taking my parents to the airport in their van- so I had the car here. YAY! I loaded up the babies I watch and went to pick up my 14 yr old baby. We didn't get in for xrays for a few hours, but yep, his right wrist is definitely cracked. Yes- he's right handed. :(  We go back tomorrow to make sure no other cracks show up and then to an orthopedic dr. next week. Fun. What's funny is he can't move his arm as quickly as before so I was able to nail him with 2 french fries right in the face. When he tried to hit me with a tater tot he had to use his left hand and couldn't throw it straight. AWE.SOME.

Then that evening I was delivering some Mary Kay products and idk how the heck I did it, but I whacked myself good in on the forehead with the car door. I was driving my mom's van and parked on a steep incline, so that's my excuse. lol I hit it hard- like saw stars hard. I now have a nice goose egg on my head and an uncool story to tell. :P Add this to my broken toe from a while ago and I'm doin' awesome! Did I tell y'all about my toe? Well, I was playing ball in the driveway- barefoot- and while I was defending Alec he step back and it pushed my toe next to my big toe up and then he stepped on it... or something. Idk. All I know is it HELL I tell ya! I actually cried and I don't cry from pain unless it's extreme. That was the beginning of November and my toe is still swollen and everytime I stub it even a little it hurts... bad. I never got it xrayed, but yeah, pretty sure I broke it. That would be my first and only broken bone in my life. How uncool is that? What's funny is I griped at Tristan for playing ball barefoot and now here I am doing the same thing...

I got to coach Isabel's basketball team last nite too. My dad is actually her coach, but since he's gone til Saturday I was the sub. I actually had a lot of fun. The girls listened and tried hard and laughed at my spazzy jokes. It was much more fun than Alec's team last year. 12 yr old boys think they know everything and annoy me. And they smell... so bad. :)

So, there ya' go: A real post. YAY!! Oh, and I also won a bloggy award which I will post about... soon.