Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Saving $$ in 2010

The new year is coming and I've made several goals. I'm losing this muffin top first of all and I'm saving money. We had a tough year this year so we have to find different ways to save money. We are going to be getting rid of our home phone because we never use it and also changing the level of service we have on our television.  I'm also learning not only to clip coupons but how to do "couponing" where you end up getting a ton of stuff for next to nothing! We switched our car insurance this past year from Allstate to Geico and saved hundreds of dollars, so that was awesome. Another thing we've started doing is buying our bread in bulk from the Mrs. Baird's Outlet. It's around a dollar a loaf plus they throw in a few free things like my beloved powder donuts that I will not be eating after January 1. haha

I am super excited about learning to coupon. My friend did a presentation at church and actually had a table full of products. She asked us to guess how much it would cost retail and how much we think she paid.   The products cost around $65 retail. She paid.... 16 cents. Yes- 16 CENTS. Insane!! I can't wait to learn more. Do any of you coupon or have fun money saving ideas??