Monday, December 28, 2009

So... I never posted about Thanksgiving

I am lame. For Thanksgiving I went to my sister's home in Kansas. Tristan, Alec and Isabel were with the ex so Sei was sweet enough to take off work so he could drive the 8 hours with me and the 2 youngest. I think he decided this when I asked him, "So, it's only illegal for me to take my gun with me out of state if I get caught with it, right?"  and "If I have to shoot a bad guy at a rest stop am I going to get in trouble for taking my gun out of state?"  He can legally take him duty weapon whereever, so that was the better plan. :)

It was fun at my sisters. Taj was in heaven with his cousins and there's a lot of cool places to go up there for kids. I also got to meet my niece FINALLY!!! She's a chubby sweetie, that's for sure. :)The food on Thanksgiving was delish! My sister is a much better hostess than I am. If people came to my house for Thanksgiving we are goin' to Golden Corral. I kid you not- ask my mom.


I also got to hang with cool friends while I was there. Shout out to Nobody and S,  yo! I know S got some pics... still waiting on those... And S's husband is my hero. While we were at S's house Liv was totally sleeping HARD on the floor.  Nothing would wake her and by nothing I mean a very heavy door not attached to hinges that literally fell on top of her. S's husband had randomly gone to lay on the floor in a room full of kids. The door fell and he dove across Liv, taking the brunt of the door in the shoulder and neck, saving not only liv, but Nobody's Danyo, too!  Liv really would have been seriously injured if he hadn't been there. So, uh, THANKS AGAIN for that!!

All in all it was an awesome visit. Taj cried when we left. He loves his cousins. The only thing that would console him is when we said,  "But Alec will be home when we get there!!" He loves his Alec. Thanks again Sister for the great Thanksgiving!!! (She wrote a better post about it here.)