Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Going back to school?

I've been throwing around the thought of going back to school. I'm a senior in college and have been for about 10 years. haha  The last class I took I had just given birth to Taj. It was an online class. I honestly believe as a mom of lots of kiddos that Online Colleges are the way to go at this point. They are usually less expensive and being able to work on my classwork when the time is convenient for ME rather than be in a classroom at a scheduled time is so nice. It also helps save time because I'm not sitting in a classroom for hours and hours through out the week.  I would love to find some classes online to at least get me closer to my degree. What my degree will actually be in because I changed so many times! I would love to do something with ASL, but I still have a few courses I need just to finish my general studies. For some silly reason I've avoided my second science as much as possible. ;)  I am going to be looking for classes I can take online at some point and get one step closer to finishing my degree!