Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Random updates

  • Seiuli, Tristan,  Alec and my dad are going to the Mavs/Laker game tonite. Tdog and my dad will be wearing Dirk jerseys while Alec and  Sei will have on their (*gag*) Kobe jerseys. I really hope the Mavs win!!!! This pic was taken at the American Airlines center after we went to the Trans Siberian Orchestra concert - which was rad!dirk

  • For Christmas I finally got what I have asked for since the 8th grade- Black Doc Marten boots. I originally asked for the 8-eye, but decided on getting the 6-eye. Sei (and by Sei I mean "I") found them on eBay for $35. Can't beat that! :) docm

  • Tristan is ginormous.  That's all there is to it. I mean, he 's actually an average height- like 5'9", but he is a SOLID kid. And considering he was shorter than me just 18 months ago... weird. His scout leaders told him he needed to wear his scout shirt. So, he tried it on... It's a little small.scout

  • Mary Kay is going well and I really enjoy it.  I never thought I'd do something with direct sales. But it's been the coolest experience. Mary Kay is a company like no other. They are completely debt free and truly put God 1st, Family 2nd and career 3rd. It's slowly helped pull me out of my "I am so depressed..." slump.

  • We gave the kids a choice for family vacation this year: Sunny, Southern California or Utah. They all, in a matter of .00323184 seconds,  unanimously voted for Utah. They miss Utah a lot. I have to remember that they lived there more than 1/2 their lives. Texas isn't "home" to them. Surprisingly I miss Utah a lot. I hate the weather and I never hiked or anything because I'm scared of mountain lions, but I miss my friends. I miss our awesome little neighborhood. I miss being 1400 miles away from certain people... Slowly but surely our home here is becoming the home to hang out at- like in Utah- with kids hanging out to play pool or air hockey or Playstation or football in the yard. Hopefully one day this will feel like home. I am thankful that Sei loves his job and that the kids have made good friends.

  • It's basketball season and I LOVE it!!! I love going to my kid's games. My dad is coaching Isabel's team this year- he coached Alec last year. Isabel is so much more confident this year and spunky. I knew it was in her!! No more pencil in the butt... Taj is signed up to play soccer which Sei is stoked about and Isabel wants to start gymnastics again. She was so rad, but got burnt out, not to mention we couldn't afford it. But now she wants to try just tumbling- because that's her fave event. There's a tumbling/trampoline class/team here that I think she'd rock at!!

  • I've lost 5 pounds in 9 days by cutting out sugar. It hasn't really been that hard. Now if I can continue to lose 4-5 pounds every week that'd be awesome. I am an admitted carb-addict. I have horrible eating habits, so a very low carb diet is best for me because it helps me get my eating under control.

What's been goin' on with y'all???