Friday, January 15, 2010

Taking care of our cars

Over the years we've had a few cars. Most of them started out as what we thought was "great" and ended up as "ghetto." Thankfully we have 2 really reliable cars right now that we hope will be with us for years and years. One way we are helping make this a reality is by having a regular tune up on each car.  We'll be making a very long trip this summer in our Yukon, so a tune up is essential!! Another thing we do is make sure we get an oil change when needed. This is such a simple thing to have done, but some people never do it. That can ruin the engine.

Finding the right auto repair shop can be hard. You don't know their specialties or reviews. But now there's Let's say you need Houston auto repair. You just go to and type in your zip code.  You'll be given a list of shops in your area with reviews as well. Not only that- if you are trying to find info about a particular car- like an Acura Integra- you can find reviews and  information from other owners right there on It's an awesome site.

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