Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

This is my 8th Valentines Day with Sei and I love him more today than I did 8 years ago. I love him more today than yesterday. And I love Valentines day. I don't know why- because honestly Sei spoils me about 95% of the year. Hence the name "Brat." Anyway... this year I made my annual V-day shirt. Every year I design a shirt that says something about Sei. The 1st year it said, "I Heart Seiuli,"  then "Sei's Angel" complete with wings, last year was "Got Sei?" etc... I love personalized shirts. Anyway... without furthere adieu I present this year's shirt:

[caption id="attachment_2904" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="I rock his last name!!"]I rock his last name!![/caption]


What was funny about this year is Sei and I both gave each other gifts that could potentially lead to divorce. Ok, not really, I'm exaggerating, but still... I bought him a massage. And if you know me AT ALL you know this is HUGE. I don't like other people- especially women- touching my husband. But I thought I'd be ok since I picked the massage therapist and she was coming to our home. Ok, I took my mom to the airport and got back when Sei had about 10 minutes left in his massage. Walking into my house and seeing my man shirtless lying on a table while some chick rubbed on him... AWKWARD.  I couldn't make eye contact with her or him until they were done. I wasn't diggin' it at all, but thankfully Sei's back felt a lot better after getting all the knots out. :)

Sei bought me a Mavericks shirt and Dirk jersey to wear to the game he bought tickets for. We are going to the Lakers/Mavs game on the 24th. This game could be detrimental to our marriage. Sei's a HUGE Lakers fan and I'm a huge Mavs fan/Fakers hater. This could be bad. I've already begged him to not be totally obnoxious. Pray for me.

For Vday I sent chocolate covered strawberries with Sei for the other officers. He had the nerve to share them with the dispatchers (aka ultimate badge bunnies... ). They are my nemesis!! But whatever. I also went to the PD while Sei was working and tagged up his car windows with things like "MY WIFE LOVES ME!!" and "HOTTIE!" Around 3am another cop told him, "I think your wife was up to some criminal mischief earlier. She had a young male accomplice..." lol I was glad he didn't bust me earlier. :) I also had our 2nd annual family Vday dinner. I made heart-shaped meatloaf and rolls shaped as "X"s and "O"s.  I forgot to take pics, but it was a lot of fun. My sis-in-law made some super yum chocolate covered strawberries. I also made asparagus for the 1st time and I guess I did it right- everyone ate it. haha

All in all it was a great weekend!!


On another note... tomorrow I go to mediation with the ex. Please pray for me to be led in my decisions and for his heart to be softened so that the best interest of the CHILDREN is what he desires rather than his own personal interests. Thanks.