Thursday, February 25, 2010

Just stuff

I've been slowly trying to learn the art of couponing. I'm not super awesome like my friend, Brit. She has been patiently showing me the ropes. She can go in the grocery store with her binder of coupons and walk out with $200 in food for under $20. I'm not that good. I have retrained myself in how I think. Before I would look at coupons and say, "I can get the generic waaaay cheaper than that  product..." But I've since learned to wait for sales then use the coupon or coupons and WOW, the amount I have been saving is crazy to me!! Today I got all this for $36 including tax. If you look closely there's 6 boxes of cereal and a $9 men's razor, it's not cheap stuff. It was $102 worth off stuff for $36- less than a dollar a product. I was feeling pretty cool. Last Saturday I got 8 boxes of cereal for $8. Not bad YO! feb2010-007-1024x768

Last nite was my big date with Sei to the Lakers/Mavs game. 1st off we scored our dinner at a Mexican restaurant for free. The waitress never explained why it took so long, but I don't think she ever put the order in the computer. Anyway... we got it for free. Then we scored free parking right on the roadside by a $15 parking lot. It was funny because people would pass it up because there was a NO Parking sign. But if you looked at it, it said "No Parking from 4 to 6pm." Yes!! But right around the 3rd quarter my dad called to let us know that Alec was burning up and couldn't swallow or breathe very well. So, we rushed home and met my brother (who was babysitting) and Alec at the instacare place. It was 9:45pm. After blood work, chest xrays and a nebulizer treatment, we left a little after 11pm. His mono is back and in full swing, and he has bronchitis and pharyngitis. I mean, yes, he will continue to have flare ups of his mono, but he was only diagnosed a month ago and my ex decided to take the kids to Great Wolf Lodge to swim for 2 days this past weekend. Um, DUH. I can't help but think this episode had something to do with that since Alec has been sick since early Monday morning... So anyway... we left early but the Mavs won 101-96.

Can I get a HELL YEAH!!?? feb2010 004

So, now that all the court stuff is over for the most part, Sei and I really felt our family needed some recuperation time. But we have no money to go somewhere. So, I asked for suggestions of a cheap getaway on Facebook. I was thinking San Antonio or something. What we ended up with is 3 nites at a lake house away from reality for $75 in Mary Kay products. You can't beat that!! Thanks again P!! You're awesome!!! I'll post pics and more about the lake house after our trip. I don't want stalkers finding us. haha