Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Things I would like to try but I'm pretty sure I would suck at

  1. roller-derbyRoller Derby looks awesome. But I would suck at it. Why?  I'm tough enough. I'm definitely competitive enough. But I'm too nice. I can't just take someone out for the heck of it. Even in basketball when I'd elbow a chick in the face I would apologize- not until after the game, but still... Heck, I apologized for saying mean things to that mom that was mean to me- and I wasn't even mean!! I talk trash, but when it comes down to it I'm a really nice person and don't like to hurt people.

  2. Motocross. I would sooooo have done this before I had kids, but now I'm like, "Crap, if I break my neck who's gonna take care of my kids?" Same with bungie jumping and skydiving. I'm no fun. So, I just watch the X-games.

  3. Playing the drums. I would love it, but I think I have like adult-onset ADD or something. I'd totally forget I was keeping the beat and just space out. Rick Allen (Def Leppard) can jam with one arm and I don't think I could do it with 4. I tried to start practicing on the guitar but I suck at that too. It's the practicing that kills me. I lose interest too quickly. If I was like Sei and could just play without learning then I'd be awesome. I was not blessed with a musical gene in my body- although I rock at remembering the words to songs and we all know how handy that can be... if I'm ever on a game show or something.

  4. Being a cop. The biggest thing that would make me suck at this is... I think guys should protect girls. lol I do. I'm a reversed feminist. I totally think there are some jobs that are for girls and some that are for guys. For the record- that male nurse I had after giving birth to Liv kinda wigged me out.  Say I'm a cop and there was a bad guy and I was right there and then a male back up came... I'd totally be like, "Yeah, you got it. I'll wait back here..."  And can you see me trying to cuff some 6'4" 300 lb guy? What I would LOVE is the detective work. I can't wait for Sei to do criminal investigations so I can solve all his cases at home. I'm an expert ya know, because I watch Investigation Discovery... haha