Sunday, March 14, 2010

Skittles by Tori

In the 9th grade I snuck out. A lot. But really all we were ever doing was driving around, seeing how many other people we could sneak out. Then we'd drive around dropping off each other and wake up for school 2 hours later...

I specifically remember the 1st time I snuck out. I was at a party of a fellow cheerleader. There were a couple of guys there that I kinda knew. I was hangin' out, talking to them when they mentioned something about sneaking out. I was all about trying new things- especially things I wasn't suppose to try- so I said, "OMgosh! Come pick me up!!" Nevermind we were all 14 and shouldn't be driving, in the middle of the nite or at all... So, we made plans, I told them where I lived and that nite one of my girlfriends came to the wrong window. lol My sister woke me up to tell me my friend was at her window. She instructed me NOT to sneak out. When she was back asleep I left.

I had to write a poem for English class that week. I decided to write it about that nite:


Red, yellow, purple, orange, and green, all make up this color scheme.

Of this candy, in a little red bag, reminds me of a nite I had.

Floating in the air with no floor beneath I opened the the window & there was he.

"Come with me, to my big, blue boat, and across the waters we will float."

With no second thoughts & no questions asked, through the cartoon veil I passed.

The captain was one whom I'd like to meet. His eyes so brown & smile so sweet.

Six green leaves unfolded quickly, when the winds began blowing swiftly.

Life renewed and energy in store, "We'll wrestle for the woman. Who wants her more?"

With teeth so sharp and claws of fire, my captain had the most desire.

O captain, my captain with orange hat on head, For you I'll walk the plank of dread.

Uncovered manhole, hard & cold, the upside down cake he did hold.

Heat as my heart, street lamps did gleam.

From silent box this myth would scream.


I remember most of the meanings behind it. We were in a big, blue van- not a boat. lol The guy I liked at the time had a bright orange Florida Gators hat. We bought Skittles at a convenience store where we also got $6 in gas.  I actually mentioned that in another post! 2 other guys liked me- they were all friends- and they fought over me. lol  And that relationship lasted approximately 4 weeks. It was love...Haha!!  I have no idea what I was talking about with the upside down cake and uncovered manhole...  Anyway... the same friend who came to the wrong window sent me this poem via Facebook. I totally knew what it was right when I saw it. I remember reading it in English class and we were both giggling because we knew all the "secrets" behind it... Ahhh... memories.