Saturday, March 06, 2010

Why cops should be paid more

Like my title? I think this may become a regular post...

Last nite my husband was on a call. He had to go to a gross motel where people were doing meth. The meth-heads let him and another cop into their room. There was baggies of meth everywhere. The male meth addict was sitting on the bed when out of no where he says, "Can I wipe my a$$?"  Sei was like, "WTH?" The guy repeated himself, "I was taking a sh** before you got here, so can I wipe my a$$?" Seiuli told him, "Too bad. Just stay there."

The guy stands up, pulls his pants down, grabs a napkin off the table, bends over and wipes his friggin' butt right there in front of 2 cops and a female meth-head. Then he tosses the napkin back on the table. OH.MY.HELL Y'all.  When Sei was telling me this I nearly threw up. How nasty is that? Sei was like, "Did you seriously just do that? You are such a meth addict. You're a 45 year old man and you just wiped your butt in front of people..."

My poor husband. How the heck does he get images like that out of his head? I wasn't there and I'm disgusted. This is why my husband tells gross jokes. You have to joke about crap otherwise it'll eat you up. So, right after putting the image of a meth addict wiping his butt into my head, he told me a meth-head joke. I won't repeat it here, but... eew.

On a more serious note... Meth is so bad. I've seen before and after pics from mugshots Sei would bring home in Utah. But here's a video. It's pretty unreal.