Thursday, April 01, 2010

Is Enfamil Better?

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of PBM Products. All opinions are 100% mine.

I was a chicken and never breastfed any of my kids. I regret at least not trying it, but it's not like I can go back. One thing I think I was smart about, however, is that I never fell into the trap of believing that the price of the formula made it better. I took the time to read labels and research before spending tons of money on more expensive formula. I am proud to say that my formula-fed babies were fed the store brand formulas and they are healthy and smart. :)

PBM’s store-brand formulas (sold at different stores  such as Wal-Mart, Target, Walgreens, etc...) cost up to 50% less than Enfamil® LIPIL®. This can save parents as much up to $600 per year!! Mead Johnson advertised that Enfamil LIPIL was healthier than store brand formulas. PBM Products won a $13.5 million false advertising judgment against Mead Johnson. That is huge because it will change the  infant formula industry in the USA and will help save parents a lot of money each year.  PBM was able to prove that its formulas contain the same nutrients at the same levels as the Mead Johnson brand Enfamil® LIPIL®. Both PBM infant formulas and Mead Johnson formulas are formulated to contain DHA and ARA. Not only that, but PBM formulas are sourced from the same supplier with the same amount or more of  the DHA and ARA in Mead Johnson’s Enfamil LIPIL®.

I am so disappointed that a company would take advantage of people. Most parents want what is best for their children, so if they hear that one formula is healthier than another then, of course, they will spend the extra money for their child. Unfortunately this was not necessary and Mead Johnson- a brand people trust-  duped a lot of parents out of a lot of cash. :( Shame on you Mead Johnson!

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