Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Party like it's 1999

My sweet Tristan was born 15 years ago today. He was this tiny 6.3 lb. conehead baby and now he's 180 lbs., almost 5'10",  squatting 335 lb.  CRA.ZEE.  Happy birthday Tdog!! You are awesome and I'm so proud of you!!

Friday was my dad's birthday and this Friday is Isabel's 11th. So... we went to PAR.TAY at Chuck E. Cheese.dadbday

I was in charge of the cake for the party. So... the cake lady at Kroger now thinks I'm insane.





Napoleon Dynamite pretty much rules...

Duke won. If I had made a bracket I would have at least picked the overall winner. But I never, in a million years, would have expected Butler to even be in the Final 4!! They played awesome and seriously, if my Duke wasn't the team they were playing I would have totally been cheering for Butler. I have nothing but respect for them.

Yesterday I got all this, 12 pack of Charmin, 3 12 packs Dr. Pepper, 3 packs Stride gum, 2 Oral B toothbruses, 1 Colgate Total, The Chipmunks Squeakquel dvd, 5 packs of batteries, 2 bottles Head and Shoulders, 2 bottles Smart Rinse mouthwash, 2 bottles Dawn and 2 bottles of Cascade dishwasher soap:

Please note the dvd alone costs $24.99. I got all of this for less than $22. I know others would have done better, but I was stoked. Yay for saving money.


OH! And today I got to do some paralegal type stuff for my friend who is a lawyer. I am stoked for the opportunity. I get to start helping her as needed. Sei said now I'm gonna be like the cool chick off "The Good Wife" that does all the dirty work. I love that show- have y'all seen it?

Speaking of shows... YVONNE, did you watch "24"!?!?! Were you trippin' the whole 2 hours too, or what?? I was yellin at the tv like a maniac!! That is all. :)