Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tori's Soapbox: Arizona, how I love thee...

soapboxI have had a special place in my heart for Arizona since I was 15 years old and spent 2 months living in the mountains... And now my awesome AZ is under attack because of the new immigration law.

Here's my thoughts on that:

1st of all- get the facts. Cops can't pull you over for being brown or talking with an accent or even for having this on your car window:


Although I think it would be hilarious if they pulled you over for having your vision obstructed. But whatever...

Anyway, this is my point: As a cop's wife... the cops aren't thrilled with it either because it puts them in an awkward position and now people are gonna yell "Racial profiling!" even more than they already do. However, there has been A LOT of incorrect assumptions and exaggerations about the law.
For example, cops can't pull someone over for being brown or because they hear them talking with an accent while in line at the store. They can just legally ask for documentation if they already have them pulled over or detained for another reason and have reason to believe they may be illegal (acting extra nervous along with no English skills and no identification, etc...). It's not suppose to be a witch hunt. Cops are busy enough without chasing around people with an accent. If you are behaving responsibly and not breaking the law, you should be good. Although, coming into our country w/o documentation is... illegal. And it's been a FEDERAL crime since 1940 for immigrants to fail to keep their registration documents with them. Kinda like you need to have your passport with you in other countries... If you carry your drivers license, no matter what color you are or accent you have, they won't ask for documentation. Or, if you are illegal, don't break the law- anymore than you already have just by being in our country without documentation. Duh.

And maybe I'm weird, but why is everyone so up in arms about AZ wanting to secure their borders or stopping something that's illegal?  I don't get that. And why *aren't* people pissed about how cops were getting pummeled with water bottles and whatever else just for trying to keep a rally peaceful- which wasn't peaceful at all. Am I the only one that saw something really freakin' wrong with that? I worry for the police officers even more now that this law is passed.

All I ask is that you get the facts before you spout crap about cops being racist and boycotting AZ. Oh and while we're on the subject, boycotting Arizona is just about *the* dumbest idea ever. I found this interesting info:

For those of you who do not know; Human smugglers (Coyotes) are caught
weekly in Arizona. These smugglers bring Illegals into the Phoenix area and
store their human cargo (Pollos) in drop houses until they get paid a ransom
by family members or those contractors needing cheap labor. Some of these
Pollos are used to carry drugs as part of their payment to be smuggled into
the U.S.. The Pollos kept in these drop house are under armed guard and are
sometimes physically and sexually abused. Some gangs are kidnapping young
women from Latin America and bringing them here as slaves in the sex trade.
In the newspaper there are weekly stories of bodies that are found in the
These bodies are those of illegal immigrants. If a Pollo gets sick
or injured while traveling across the desert the Coyote abandons them
because they cannot afford to be slowed down and captured by I.N.S. The
people I know are not opposed to immigration, we just want to retain our
rights as a sovereign nation
. Mexico has very stringent laws about illegal
immigration and when an American citizen visits there we must carry proper

So, if you're ok with all that- sex slaves, ransom, murder, etc..., then yeah, BOYCOTT ARIZONA. I'm NOT ok with that.  Why do we have laws if we don't want them enforced?