Sunday, May 09, 2010


Happy Mother's day to all moms, aunts, grandmas, good friends... anyone who has any influence in the lives of children. My kids and husband are awesome. I got me some cool kids. They made me bobble heads of themselves, 100_00102

home-decorated t-shirts,

and some things I mentioned in passing that I needed: new oven mitts, some REALLY SOFT wash clothes, workout clothes and pajamas. Sei also got me some really beautiful necklaces. I will post more pics that I take with my NEW CAMERA that my parents got me for my birthday, when I take the pics. :) I love the "Better than just circles. WHAT." Totally a quote from one of my fave commercials... 100_00121

Anyway... it was a great day. We had dessert with my mom and brother and sis-in-law and watched my mom open her new iPod from the kids and Dad. It was a good day...