Monday, May 03, 2010

I was right and we got a dog

1) Remember my post from a few days ago? You know, the one where I said " I worry for the police officers even more now that this law is passed. " Yeah, I wrote that on Thursday, April 29. ---> Friday, April 30 I read this article. I'm just sayin'...


2) We got a dog. Yes, seriously. I am not a huge dog-person. But I always told Sei if we could find the "perfect dog" that would protect our family then I'd be happy. Then I watched a "I Shouldn't Be Alive" on Animal Planet, and this chick had fallen in a canyon while running with her dog, Taz. She broke her pelvis, had internal bleeding and was slowly dying. Taz stayed with her, keeping her warm, for 2 days and then finally she told Taz to go get her help. That's the 1st time Taz left her side. And he FOUND HELP for her!! How rad is that?? Anyway... my point is, I wanted a dog. So, we went to the animal shelter on Friday.  The kids were all looking at the smaller dogs. Um, no. The very last cage there she was... This mellow Black Mouth Cur (think "Old Yeller") and I knew she was the one!! She had been in 2 different shelters in the last month because of over-crowding. She was spayed, had her shots and micro-chipped. She was also 1/2 price and we could take her home right then!! YAY!! This dog is awesome. I just heard her bark FOR THE 1st TIME this morning. She is so good with Taj and Livie and does what we say. It's obvious it will take a little while for her to bond with us so she can save us if necessary, haha, but she is already a super cool dog. She's about 7-8 months old. Oh yeah, the NAME!!! "We named the dog Indiana."  For real, that's a movie quote, but that's also what we named her. We call her "Indy" for short.

Anyway, I am sooo looking forward to bonding with Indy more. Livie has been playing outside non-stop today with her and we went on a super long walk where I ended up carrying Liv on my back. WELCOME TO OUR FAMILY, INDIANA!!!!indiana2indy