Sunday, June 13, 2010

Decisions, decisions...

Taj told me today that he knows what his talents are: Singing and mud sculpting. Yes, singing and mud sculpting. He most definitely does have a sweet voice. He sang "Mother I Love You" to me the other day while Sei accompanied him on the piano and it made me cry. He also likes to make up songs... some are much longer than others. He is also very good at sculpting things out of mud. He devised a plan to sculpt statues of Tristan, Alec and Isabel, and put them in my ex's car to trick him that he took them so his siblings could stay home. Sounds like a plan to me!!

Anyway, he told me he knew his talents, but he wasn't sure which he should choose to do when he gets older. He likes playing with mud, but his "hands would get dirty and he doesn't like to wash them". He likes to sing, but "signing all those autographs would be hard."  He went on to say that lots of girls would chase after him too, but Livie chases him all the time so he's "used to that." He also told me that he wouldn't have to give ME an autograph because, duh, I'm his MOM.

It really was a sweet conversation. I was impressed with him for recognizing his talents- especially his singing voice. I'm 34 and I still wonder what my "talents" are. I am positive singing is not one of them. Anyway, I love my Tajy. He's awesome.