Saturday, June 26, 2010


I haven't posted in quite a while! It's been a fun, busy summer so far. We've gone to the pool at least 4 times a week. Taj and Liv have gone to 2 different Vacation Bible Schools. I've been couponing. The older kids have been at the ex's for 2 weeks.  I've been playing basketball twice a week.  Sei's been working. And working some more.

Tristan, Alec and Isabel come home today. They will be home for a week and then go back to the ex's for a week. Then come home for 2 weeks, then go back for 2 weeks... It sucks. And what sucks more is that they come home tonite, but Tristan and Alec leave for Boy Scout camp early in the morning. Thankfully we're picking them up early on Thursday because Sei's cousin is getting married in Oklahoma. So, at least I'll get to see the boys for 3 days before they leave again... And it is better than them being gone 6 weeks in a row. They are only gone 5 total. Taj and Liv hate it though. Kelsea and Karlea won't be coming this summer. That's a long story... Can I just say that some people are the most selfish, miserable, sorry excuse for a human being? Misery really does love company. Well Misery, we aren't hangin' with you anymore.

Indy the dog is doing good, but she's a punk. She's mellow for the most part, but for some reason likes to eat my leg. Hard. I have 3 bruises from her biting me this week. BIG bruises that hurt. :( We're working on that... And for some reason it's only me she likes to eat. Boo! I have news for you Indy, if it wasn't for me you would starve in a yard full of poop. Just sayin'.... She also ate 2 of my shoes, 1 of Liv's and 1 of Taj's. We took Livie to get new church shoes since she only had one left. It was so funny watching her try on shoes. She'd put them on, spin on one foot, and then tell me if they were "good s'finners." (spinners)  She tried one on and said, "No, this isn't good. It doesn't s'fin." She's so entertaining. She's also a pretty good swimmer now! And Taj is a fish. It's nice to have all my kids potty trained and swimming! :)  2010-073

We had Father's Day early for Sei since he had to work and the older kids would not be home either. He got a George Foreman grill, some goggles (lol!) and a massager thingy that goes in his carseat. The kids also all picked their own card to give him and wrote him really sweet things. He's a lucky guy!2010-062

Oh! I forgot. I have lost OVER 20 pounds in 33 days. Yes- in 33 days. I'm on hcg drops and it's been awesome. I fit in all my shorts. I bought a new swim suit. I feel healthy. I have energy. I am stoked. And Sei says I'm hot. ;) You can read more about my hcg journey at: . It's truly been a lifesaver and I am DETERMINED to keep it off!!! I am exercising and I have learned to eat better. I can do this!! :)

We go on vacation to Utah soon. I am stoked to see Sei's family and to see old friends!!! I miss Utah. A lot. I haven't found my place here like I felt like I had there. I think we're just now getting a chance to catch our breath here after all the court crap, so hopefully things will get better and this will seem like "home" again.