Sunday, June 06, 2010

Taj makes me smile

April2010 012Taj is my little spiritual son. He always has scriptures stories he needs to tell and likes to pretend to give talks at church. He's also the one that was invited to a birthday party that was during the same time as an activity at church. All I said was, "We'll see. The primary activity is at the same time." A few days later he said something about the activity and I said, "What about the birthday party?" "I'm not going. Church is more important." Bless is heart.

Yesterday he told Sei that he is the best dad ever. Then he asked, "Do you know who my best brother is?" We fully expected him to say Alec because he calls Alec his "best friend." Nope. He said, "Jesus." When Sei and I giggled he said, "What? He IS my older brother and HE HAS A BEARD!" Well, alrighty then. Can't argue with that!