Saturday, July 31, 2010

A couple of funnies

Funny #1:

I don't really watch the show "Glee." Although it can be entertaining I am bothered by the subject  content and the target audience. My 16 yr old sister watches it. I'm not really ok with a girl getting pregnant by one guy, but telling another that he knocked her up when he, uh "lost it" in the hot tub.  And the scene where this "conception" happens it is obvious he's about to ejaculate early and the girl starts saying, "Think of the mail. Think of the mail!!" That just doesn't really seem appropriate for teens. I would hope in my naive mind that my little sister didn't get what was happening. ;) But that's not the point of this post. My point is.... One of the few episodes I've seen was when the football team does the "Single Ladies" dance on the field. You can kinda see it here:

I thought the football players dancing was hilarious and showed that one part to my 15 year old football player. Anyway... I play basketball 2 times a week and I brought Tristan and Alec with me to play on Monday. Tristan was bringing the ball down the court when all the sudden he stopped and started doing the "Single Ladies"  hand thing- twisting it back and forth and pointing to his finger. It was so funny. The other ladies I play with must not watch "Glee" either because they just kinda looked at him.  I was rollin'...

Funny #2:

My friend was hosting a bridal shower today and asked if I could come help get her house ready. I showed up early and vacuumed and then started mopping her floor. Livie and Taj were with me. Liv saw me mopping and this conversation took place:

Liv: "What's that?"

Me: "What? The mop?"

Liv: "Yeah. What is that?"

Me: "It's a mop."

Liv: "Oh. A mop?"

My poor child. She had never seen a mop in action! LOL I clean my floor, I just don't mop. I usually scrub on all 4s, but still... My 4 year old asked me what a MOP was!! Bad Mommy award...