Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Family Vacay Reader's Digest Version Part II

We hiked the Y Trail.  We lived in Utah 7 years and never hiked it because I am scared of mountain lions. Well, Sei brought his duty weapon with him, so he could save us if necessary. ;) It was a steep hike and Sei had to carry Livie quite a bit of the way. But we made it!!!

100_0469100_0475100_0483I also got to have dinner with friends!! Klin, Suzanne, Mikelene, and Gina all met me for dinner in Provo. Thanks Suzanne for taking the time to set that up!! It was so great to see them. It was my first time to meet Mikelene, so that was extra special!! Yep- I met all those awesome ladies online. So awesome.


The boys got to hang with their old neighborhood friends. I cried. Several times. Seeing them all together again and watching how they just picked up where they left off just made me happy and sad at the same time. I love that group of boys. They are all good kids. They used to hang out at our house. We carpooled. They went to church together. They are such a cool group of kids. And now I'm crying again. Boo.


Then came the long trip home... 1400 miles and 20 hours can make you go  a little mad...


It was a super great family vacay. We missed having Kelsea and Karlea with us, but we had a good time. Thank you to my parents who helped with hotels on the way there and back, Sei's cousins Jasen & Joann for letting us stay with them and Sei's parents for paying a chunk of our part for the family reunion. Love you all!