Friday, August 27, 2010

I Loved Seminar

As most of you know I am a Mary Kay Independent Beauty consultant. This has been a blessing to my family. I don't have to babysit kids at home anymore and it seems like whenever our family is in need of extra money I make a total unexpected sell. I am thankful for this opportunity.

This summer I was able to attend the annual Mary Kay Seminar in Dallas. I was excited because my sister was going too so that meant a long weekend with her and no kids!! This is us all dolled up for awards nite: : I earned that pink ring from Mary Kay. :)


The whole weekend was inspiring whether you are a MK lady or not. I wrote down tons of "build me up" quotes and left just feeling like I want to be a better person. They had amazing entertainment as well. I was impressed and surprised. I had no idea what to expect when I arrived. I just had an awesome time the entire weekend even though I was tired and I had blisters because my feet couldn't understand why I was torturing them with heels. I had to go to 1st Aid the 2nd day to get 5 bandaids!! Thankfully I had thrown a pair of flip flops in my bag and had those to wear in between classes and shows.


The nite of awards was so neat. We got to dress up all fancy and walk down a red carpet. I felt special. :)


I made new goals for myself both in my home business and my spiritual life. I learned to not worry about what others think- although I'm pretty good about not doing that. But I thought this quote was good: "I carry the vision. God put the vision in MY heart, not others." Sometimes things we do may not make sense to people looking in, but they aren't the ones with the vision or inspiration. Another quote I loved  "Falling to the ground is often the 1st step in flying."  We can't be afraid to try new things because we might fail at first. Practice makes perfect, right? And for those times when we feel lame or unimportant: "God didn't have time to create a nobody."  I especially could relate to "Managing my emotions means continuing to do what is required regardless of how I feel."  I hate managing my emotions because sometimes I just wanna scream!! Thankfully I have a private blog and great friends who let me scream to them. :) And one day I will be able to look back at my tests and see how they made me stronger. "Nobody ever has a testimony who hasn't had a test."

And I particularly liked this quote attributed to Audrey Hepburn: "You don't drown from falling in the water. You drown from staying there. GET UP!"


I believe Mary Kay was truly an inspired woman. I doubt she had any idea how big this business would be and how many lives she would touch. There were some ridiculously rich National Sales Directors. They have worked hard to grow their business. They were rich, but so genuine. But there were so so so many women there, just like me, hoping to earn money to help their family and continue being a SAHM with my own business. We all may have different goals. Some were hoping to earn enough for a family vacation. Some want to earn that pink Cadillac. Some just want the consultant discount.  Everyone was inspired and uplifted in all different ways and walked away touched and wanting to change in some way. I love having my own business, the flexibility and the extra money. I also truly believe in the products. I also love being part of a great company that puts God 1st, Family 2nd and Career 3rd. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Oh- I almost forgot!! I earned "Rookie of the Year" in my unit and received this necklace:  mk8

Yay me!!