Monday, August 23, 2010

Yukon to Utah!

Our family was so excited to take a trip to Utah this summer. It' was definitely a loooooong drive- at least 20 hours each way- but so worth it!! We drove our Yukon. It's a 2004, so before leaving we got a complete tune up. The brakes were fine so we weren't in need of a brake job. Thankfully it is easy to find a Dallas auto repair shop thanks to sites like  It's so important to make sure the car is in great "shape" before taking a long trip. W had the belts changed and spark plugs, etc... to make sure it was ready to go. I love my Yukon and I am so thankful to have that much room for our big family. And it has so much power- kinda like an Chevrolet Silverado.  I LOOOOOVE having that power. I love to merge on the highway and leave slow cars in the dust. haha Driving 20+ hours doesn't sound 1/2 bad with my car. :)

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