Saturday, September 04, 2010

HBO is evil

We are getting rid of our cable, but Verizon is making one last ditch effort to keep up by giving us HBO free for a month. This is bad because I've wasted time watching movies this week that I've already seen.  Sei called me into the room and said, "Don't look at the TV. If you can't tell me what movie this is in 3 words or less I am going to be so disappointed." Talk about pressure. I got it in 2 words.  It was "Clear and Present Danger." I can quote this movie almost from beginning to end, I have seen it so many times. I love me some Harrison Ford and I love his character "Jack Ryan." So, instead of doing something to better myself or cooking dinner for my family or something, I laid on my bed and watched the movie I have probably seen the most times out of all the movies I've ever seen. I'm talking well over 100 times. I'm a loser.

Another movie I've watched this week *cough* 4 times *cough* is "17 Again." Call me a Cougar, but Zac Efron is a little hottie. I'm in love with his character on that movie. And I have laughed every time I've watched it. This week wasn't the 1st time I've seen it. I saw it last April with Super Happy Girl and Nobody, and then promptly called Lauren to let her know that I was wrong- Zac Efron is not gay.  I've also rented it. And now I've dvr'd it so I can watch it again, and again, and again. What?

I watched part of "The Invention of Lying" and recorded the part I watched just so I could watch my celebrity crush, Edward Norton, play the cop who gets turned on when he arrests people. See, that character and I have something in common. Watching a cop in action is like porn to me- as long as it's not MY cop. The very thought of Sei approaching people at car windows totally stresses me out. But anyway... I love Edward Norton. He's awesome. But I wouldn't recommend the movie. It was a total jab at Christianity, in my opinion.

I watched "The Time Traveler's Wife" and yeah, that sucked. I wouldn't recommend it.

I watched the last hour of "Revolutionary Road." I already knew the movie because I'm weird and read spoilers. I don't really watch R rated movies, so if I'm really interested I will read the spoilers. Like when "The Strangers" came out with those creepy people in masks- I hate masks- I HAD to know what happens, but there was no way I was watching it. Now I know. ;) Anyway,  I found "RR" very depressing and it hit a little too close to home. I hate conforming to the norm. I'd much rather sell everything and move somewhere like Hawaii and just live life. I'd be down with selling bobbing head turtles at the swap meet and having a 2 bedroom hut with surfboards lining the wall. Sound crazy? Well, it's my dream. So, that movie depressed me.

I've dvr'd "Mothman Prophecies" to watch at some point and I watched the last hour of "E.T." the other day. It still ends with the space ship picking him up. ;) Oh, oh, oh and I watched the fabulous "Hoosiers." Taj came in and said, "Is this that movie where he turns into a werewolf and plays basketball?" LOL Yeah, "Teen Wolf" was on the other nite...

What movies have you seen lately?