Tuesday, September 28, 2010

OutLast™ Hand Sanitizer review

I recently had the opportunity to review an awesome hand sanitizer. Unlike leading hand sanitizers that work for only two minutes, OutLast™ Hand Sanitizer kills germs on contact and can control germs for up to 6 hours. Let me say that again: UP TO 6 HOURS!! OutLast™ Hand Sanitizer works longer because of its unique patented formula that was originally developed for hospital use. You can learn more about it by visiting www.outlastgerms.com/moms. You can also receive your own free sample- just pay shipping and processing.
I really like Outlast. It didn't leave a sticky film on my hands like other sanitizers. It made my hands feel soft which is nice. This is because OutLast™ Hand Sanitizer includes moisturizers. OutLast™ Hand Sanitizer works so well it is used in hospitals. How can you beat that?
I received samples from OutLast™ to use and share. I passed several out a mom's play date at the park. I kept one for my purse and another for my car. My husband is a police officer. He took a couple for his squad car because he's constantly dealing with... uh, trash? I have heard nothing but rave reviews. Of course, hand washing is best, but when soap and water aren't available health care professionals agree that an alcohol-based hand sanitizer is next best. OutLast™ Hand Sanitizer:
* Kills 99.99% of germs instantly
* Professional strength
* Works for up to 6 hours*
* Product trusted by doctors
* Moisturizing, non-sticky feel

Why even mess with the others? Don't forget to learn more and get your free sample at https://www.outlastgerms.com/moms.