Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween hauntings...

I like paranormal ghost stuff. I mean, I don't do Ouiji boards or seances or anything like that. I don't like evil things, etc... but I have always been interested in "ghost stories." I can remember checking out "Texas Ghost Stories" from my elementary school library. I still find ghost stories cool. I watch several shows on TV such as "Ghost Hunters" and "Paranormal State" and I am in awe of all the equipment they use. It's pretty cool stuff!

Anyway... in honor of Halloween I was going to share my recent experiences. I'm probably exaggerating by calling them "experiences" but if you put them all together and tell it to spooky music then they could be kinda freaky...

1) I was watching "Paranormal State" on TV in my bedroom around 11pm. All of the sudden Taj's remote control car flew off the small file cabinet in my room and landed in the middle of the floor. I wasn't scared, I was more like, "What the heck?" Sei didn't even move at all-- he was sleeping. I picked the car back up, made sure it was turned OFF (it was) and sat it facing a different direction on the file cabinet with the remote blocking it from falling (or flying) off again. Fast forward 20 minutes-- the car flew off AGAIN the opposite direction with so much force this time Sei even woke up. Yeah... weird.

2) A few days later I'm sitting on the couch checking my emails. No one else is home. There's no sudden movement or anything. BAM! The picture hanging on the wall behind me falls off- HARD. Weird. It hasn't fallen off in the past. Ever. I hung it back up and 20 minutes later it tell again. Weird.

3) Saturday Sei was sleeping in the bedroom because he worked that Friday nite. Indy, our dog, knows she is not allowed in our bedroom--especially if Sei is home. Well, something was stressing her out. She paced in front of our bedroom door, whined a little and finally started scratching at the door. I was in the kitchen and saw her acting all strange. I finally thought, "Crap, Sei is probably choking or something and Indy wants to save him!" So, I opened the bedroom door. She went running in. Sei was still breathing and slightly snoring... Indy sniffed around the room, paced back and forth by the bed and finally went out after I told her, "Out Indy." That was it. Weird.

So... what do you think? It's a brand new house, so there's no old ghost haunting it. I was thinking it was probably like on Poltergeist... "You moved the cemetary, but you left the bodies!! You left the bodies and you only moved the headstones!!!"