Friday, October 29, 2010

Things I don't like:

Seiuli was getting dressed for work tonite... a regular weekend thing. But this time as I watched him (heh- I watched him get dressed. Jealous??) I noticed a few things that I DO NOT like.

Exhibit #1:  A tourniquet that is carried "on his person" in the event one is needed for him or even for another fellow officer.

oct2010 048

Exhibit #2: 1st of all, ignore the background. Note the black band across his badge? Yes, that is because yet another officer in Texas was killed in the line of duty. They wear the black until after the funeral. Today an officer in San Antonio died after being hit by a drunk driver 2 weeks ago. He had been out of the academy for 7 weeks. That's the 14th fallen officer in Texas this year and the 3rd in October. :(

oct2010 051

Exhibit #3: The tag on Seiuli's bullet proof vest lists his blood type (O-Neg) and the fact that he has no allergies.


However, I DO like this (if you don't look at the messy closet background...)

oct2010 050