Friday, October 08, 2010

Tori's Soapbox: Facebook is getting old

Warning: Post contains curse words.

When I signed up for Facebook a year or so ago I never knew it would blow up like this. It was fun to reconnect with old friends, see where everyone ended up, etc... It was easier than reading blogs and leaving comments. I find myself wishing that blog posts had a "Like" button because I've become lazy.  I don't even post as much on MY blog because I post pics on FB and update my status. But lately the fun has been sucked out of it.

A few examples:

1) My 15 yr old nephew wrote something on his status and included a bad word. It wasn't a major thing, but still... Well, his great aunt took it upon herself to preach via comment to him about the inappropriateness. THEN she took it one step further  and messaged his mom to tell her that my nephew is on a self-destructive path and would end up losing his church membership. Really? I'm not trying to sound like an uncaring parent, and if my son wrote that word on his FB page he'd be done with FB for a while, but I wouldn't jump to the conclusion that he is headed straight to hell. But you know, that aunty has no kids, so she knows!!

2) My sis-in-law posted a political status and "friends" ripped her a new one- on her own wall.  Um, no. You can have a civilized political discussion, but when you start attacking that's not right. I have a few friends that love Obama. (*cough Cheryl* *cough Omar*) but we aren't hateful to each other because WHAT GOOD WOULD THAT DO?? I can state my opinion without being a bitch and others should be able to do the same.

3) Last year there was this silly status thing going around supposedly to raise awareness for breast cancer and to "empower women." Ok, we all know that's a load of crap. Let me repeat: If you think that posting your bra color will raise breast cancer awareness IT WON'T.  How is posting my bra color gonna empower anyone? IT'S NOT. But I still did it because no men knew why I put "green and purple" as my status. It was just silly fun, in my eyes. And last time I checked it was MY Facebook wall...  This year you're suppose to put the place you set your purse. I guess you're suppose to put "I like it..." in front of the place. I didn't. I put "On the entry way floor and sometimes the kitchen the counter." Obviously it can lead to people thinking about sex. Maybe I'm immature or totally inappropriate or whatever, but I thought the answers were funny. I saw one friend put "I like it on the hook." That cracked me up. But now statuses are popping up all over totally reprimanding friends for putting things like that in their status and "Would you say that in public?" Um, hi, did I not just say it "in public"?  That's one thing I can say- if you read my blog and then meet me in person, my humor doesn't change. My personality doesn't change- although I'm probably more quiet in person. Not shy, just quiet. I don't change who I am "just in case" a particular person reads my status. If you don't like my posts block them or unfriend me. I actually have other things to worry about. I've definitely seen things on "friends" pages that piss me off. There's one friend who's friends always talk about how cops suck. That makes me so mad and I want to comment with a big middle finger- but it's not my wall. As long as they aren't writing "F**k the Police" on MY wall, then it's not my problem. I just don't look at that wall very often. And before someone says, "Well, they can reprimand on THEIR wall if they want to..." Yes they can. And I can write a post about how you need to chill out.  Who are you? My mom?  Here's a thought: Just don't post where you like your purse. I guess I'm just tired of feeling judged or "in trouble" all the time.

If you look in the groups I've joined I am a part of "I hate bullshitters" and "I'm not a bitch. I just have a low tolerance for bullshit."  You know why? Because it's true. Could I have found a group that didn't cuss? Maybe, but it may not have gotten my point across as well.  My top activity on my FB profile is "Making out with my husband" because that is an activity I enjoy. I also joined "Remove the group F**k the Police from Facebook" except it spells out the F word. I feel STRONGLY about that cause and you know what- we got it removed because it promoted violence against police.

But what if the CHILDREN see any of those??!?!? I'm sure they've seen worse in high school. And just a thought- you shouldn't be letting your kids "friend" adults anyway.  Also, I don't hide crap from my kids. I talk to them about things and they know I hate bullshitters and that I set my purse on the counter. lol Get a grip people.