Friday, October 01, 2010

What we've been up to

We've been busy here with football, gymnastics, scouts,... life.

Here's a quick update:

Tristan and Alec are both playing football. They are having equally good seasons. Tristan plays starting right guard and is the kicker/punter. Basically if a kick is needed, he's the one doing it. He really is great at it. One game they won 32 to 6 and he scored NINE of those points. He had 2 field goals and 3 points after touchdown. One of those field goals was about 40 yards. His name was even in the paper for it. :) I was so proud. :)

Alec is on the kick-off return team and starting safety. He has grown so much in the last year. He doesn't look so tiny in the his uniform anymore. He is playing great and I don't find myself stressing as much when he's hitting someone. He also has straight A's this 6 weeks. :) His grades have actually ROCKED ever since he had mono last school year and missed 3 weeks of school. Weird...

Isabel is in gymnastics again. She isn't competing. She's just doing tumbling and loving it. She just goes once a week for fun. There's no 15 hours of training, no pressure. She's doing back tucks and lay outs. It's a lot of fun to watch her. She says she misses gymnastics- except for vault- but isn't ready to dedicate her life to it again. I just want her to have fun. She will be playing basketball again this winter. She is in middle school this year which is still crazy to me...

Taj is also taking gymnastics. He just moved up from the beginner class to intermediate after 4 classes. I don't know if he'll stay with gymnastics because he's mentioned the desire to take karate as well. Whichever he chooses we will let him do. He needs something for him, that HE enjoys, since the rest of his life is school and being dragged from football game to football game. :) He's loving 1st grade and is our dog's best friend. Indy whines at the door when he leaves.

Livie is our mini-gymnast as well. She loves picking out which one of Isabel's old leotards she wants to wear. We have about 10 of them, so she hasn't worn the same one twice. ;) She is also in pre-k every day in the afternoon. I picked the afternoon session because there was no way I could get her to her school by 7:50 am and Taj's to his at the same time. I am so thankful they will be in the same school next year. She LOVES pre-k and won't even let me walk her to the pre-k door anymore. I have to watch from my car! Holy 4 going on 14!!

Seiuli is doing great. He loves his job which makes me so happy. He had the most DWI arrests last month. Have I mentioned he looks hot in his uniform? He just interviewed for a part time job during the week because he works weekends so he's home ALL week which usually leads to him and me sitting on the couch watching HBO. Such a friggin' waste of time!! He's been wanting to get a PT gig, and this one kinda fell in his lap. PLEASE say a prayer that he gets the job!! We need this!! In our spare time we like to talk about our 10 year anniversary vacation we are going on next year. We are hoping for a cruise, but will probably end up in San Antonio. haha

I am doing the same ole, same ole. I play basketball a couple of times a week. I think I'm playing better than I was when I started up with these ladies. At least I HOPE I am!! I'm a little more confident. I have a hard time driving the lane because I've always been so short I was always an outside shot. I also always led in assists, so driving wasn't my thing. I wish I could get over my fear of having the ball crammed down my throat. haha I am still a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant. That is a lot of fun and a great way to earn extra money.  I enjoy it a lot! And it's nice to make money even when I'm not doing anything. :) Oh- and I found out today that I have been accepted to return to Texas Women's University in the Spring '11. I'm not sure if I will start in Spring or wait until Livie is in kindergarten in the Fall, but either way I will be going back to school!! I am excited and nervous and... I need a new backpack. ;) I put dental hygiene and secondary education as my 2 majors of choice. I need to meet with a counselor to go over my 106 hours I've already earned to figure out which direction to head in. I'm thinking education...

So, that's what we've been up to around here. Busy as usual, but I like it that way.