Friday, December 17, 2010

Some goods...

Today I received a Christmas card from none other than... NKOTB. Yes, Danny, Donnie, Jon, Jordan and Joe love me. ;) It's appropriate they sent me this since I am getting concert tickets from my man for their NKOTB + Backstreet Boys tour (NKOTBSB). I am takin' a road trip (Holla Stacy and Nancy!) to Houston to see them since, once again, they are coming to Dallas on a Sunday. I don't do concerts (or much of anything else) on Sunday. Every time I have seen them I have traveled to do so because they have come here on a Sunday (Oklahoma City and Kansas City-- shout out Sara!!). So, yeah... I'm famous.

[caption id="attachment_3547" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="We are tight like that..."]We are tight like that...[/caption]

Isabel did a powerpoint presentation for a class about herself. One the part about "THE PEOPLE I ADMIRE" she wrote:
The people I admire the most are my parents! They do EVERYTHING for me. They are the best. My parents have 5 and sometimes 7 kids. The reason I said 5 to 7 is because my 2 step sisters live in Canada, and they visit sometimes. My parents treat us all equally they love us all equally! Even though we can be a handful sometimes, but they can handle us! They are the people I admire most.

Awwwwww!!! And she had pics of me and her and her and Sei. :)

The other part I loved was from MY FAMILY:
My family is AMAZING!!!!!! My family has 9 people in it and that is a lot. My family from youngest to oldest and age is....... Livie or Liv is 4 almost 5, Taj is 7, Isabel aka MEEE is 11, Karlea is 12, Kelsea is 12, Alec is 14, Tristan is 15, Tori aka MOM, and then Seiuli aka DAD! My family is the best in the whole entire world! I LOVE THEM ALL!!!

It made me feel awesome. I thought it was cute she put Karlea as younger than Kelsea. They are 18 minutes apart. haha

Seiuli is nominated for the 2nd quarter in a row for OFFICER OF THE QUARTER.  In the letter the chief wrote to him these are of few of the things that supervisors and/or peers made the following comments about him:

  • "He has been an outstanding influence on our shift."

  • "He comes to work every day with a great attitude, and his reports and investigations are accurate and detailed."

  • "His ability to translate Spanish has proven invaluable."

  • "He also has made tremendous impact on our DWI enforcement. Again he will either take the lead on these investigations or assist in providing translation."

  • "He has a true passion for his job, and is a leader among our people."

There was more, but you get the jist... He is awesome. I am proud of him. And I sleep with him. Just sayin'...