Sunday, January 09, 2011

Taj: The Spiritual Giant

Taj is our little guy who seems to be extra sensitive to spiritual matters. He gives loooong, meaningful prayers. He loves to answer questions at church with detailed explanations. He loves telling scripture stories and does well relating them to his life. He's just a really special boy. On Saturday we had an activity at the church. They had the 7 year olds who are turning 8 this year meet in a room so they could talk to them more about baptism. One of the teachers was passing out booklets about baptism. On the front of the booklet there was a picture of a birthday cake. The teacher made a comment something along the lines of, "Everybody loves birthday cake! It's the best gift ever!" Now, I wasn't in the room because Livie was having a meltdown, but when I returned a mom told me that Taj raised his hand and said,
"Um, actually, the best gift ever was Jesus Christ."

I was proud, impressed and POSITIVE he gets that  from his dad. :)