Monday, March 14, 2011

Miracles DO happen

If you're my friend on Facebook you already know this, but if not, this is the story of a miracle that happened in our family this weekend.

Saturday evening before my husband left for work I grabbed him to take a picture. He just bought me a new iPod Touch and I didn't have any pics of him on it. I took this picture:

At 12:50am my phone started vibrating. I said hello and this is what I heard on the other end of the line, "Tori? This is Sgt. Jesse Hunter from LPD..."

Yep- it was my nightmare coming true. The police department was calling me in the middle of the night to tell me something had happened to my husband. I am thankful for several things: 1) We say a family prayer every night before Sei leaves for work to pray for his safety. 2) I have run thru so many scenarios in my head over and over just in case I got "the call." I wanted to make sure I stayed calm so I could get all the facts and information I needed. And I did.

Sgt. Hunter went on to tell me Seiuli was involved in a "pretty significant accident" but was going to be "ok." He didn't know his injuries yet, definitely a hurt arm and possibly a busted nose "from the airbag." I just tried to pay attention to all he was telling me, think clearly and figure out what to do. I called my dad who called my brother. When I called my dad that was the 1st time I had to say out loud "Seiuli was in an accident..." The words caught in my throat. I think it was a mixture of being relieved that the call wasn't that he was dead and also because I hadn't had to speak about it yet. It was weird.

My brother came to stay with Taj and Liv (the older kids were with the ex in Galveston.) My dad drove me to the PD where another officer escorted us to the hospital in another town. It seemed to take forever to get there. When we arrived it was kind of surreal. He was in the ER and as I walked in there were probably 8 fellow officers who weren't even on shift who had crawled out of their beds to come check on their "brother in blue." That was awesome. One of them gave me the low down on his condition so far. He had lung contusions and his arm was in pretty bad shape. By the time the dr saw him again and all the xrays were back, etc... he was diagnosed with a concussion, 2 lung contusions, 6 stitches in his elbow, bruising all up his arm, cuts and scrapes, busted lips, bit tongue and an imprint of his computer keyboard on his head.

Keyboard imprint on top of head
Before stitches - doped up on something!!
After stitches
He had to stay in the hospital until Monday around noon for observation. He is super sore and tired. But he is ALIVE. Apparently what happened was he was running lights and sirens to catch up with a car without any tail lights. He was going about 60mph. He had a green light at an intersection. A 62 yr old woman with 2 kids with her was going the opposite direction and turned left into him. She T-boned his driver side and threw the car into a pole.
The woman and kids were not injured. She also did not to run to the aid of the unconscious police officer packed inside his squad car. She was more worried about figuring out how to make the City pay. :(  Anyway, 6 or 7 witnesses placed her at fault. They were all looking because they heard the sirens. Apparently she wasn't as observant as every one else. She received a ticket and she still hasn't made any contact to see if she killed a man that night. Nice. Some people suck.

Anyway, I knew we were blessed that he wasn't injured extensively. But when I actually went to see the car in person... Wow. Angels were watching over my husband and our family. How he came thru this mess with only the injuries he did is nothing short of a miracle.

I am still waiting for it to "hit me." I haven't even cried. I think I'm afraid if I let it all sink in that I will be a mess. My defense mechanisms have taken over. I am glad I wasn't a total loony spaz when Sgt. Hunter called. I know that is because I had prepared myself. I could tell the officers I saw and spoke with were stressin' it. I am thankful for all their help in getting me to the hospital and checkin' in on Sei, me and the kids. I am grateful for the paramedics and fire fighters on the scene who used the jaws of life to get my husband out of his sardine can and took good care of him.  I am thankful for the LPD Family Association setting up meals and my church setting up play dates for Taj and Liv for the entire week. We were suppose to be going to see my sister's family this week-- Taj and Liv have been counting down the days. The playdates will help make their spring break fun.  My little sister, Ali, watched Taj and Liv all day Sunday and cleaned my kitchen. That's not an easy task. Our family has been blessed in so many ways. I know my Heavenly Father sent guardian angels to surround my husband that night. There is no real explanation as to why only the small section of the driver's area was left unharmed. It's like the metal was bent around him to protect him. I will be forever grateful for all the many blessings. Most of all, I am so thankful my husband is home with me tonight.