Sunday, June 05, 2011

Holy Adrenaline Rush, Batman!!

So the other night Seiuli was out saving the world, my 3 oldest were at the ex's and I was watching "Titanic" all the while knowing it was going to end badly... Fast-forward an hour. I had fallen asleep in my bed with Taj and Livie squishing me right to the edge. The doors were locked, house alarm was on, Indy, the dog was on guard duty in the living room, bedroom door was locked and gun was within reaching distance (only at night...)

Anyway, I don't know if I had my eyes opened or if what I saw I saw only in my dream. But I saw a silhouette of a man standing right next to my bed. Holy Hell Y'all! I screamed; Screamed like I have never been able to scream while dreaming. You know how usually a dream-scream gets caught in your throat and you end up sounding totally weird? Welp, not this time. I screamed and I kicked that silhouette with all my might. If it had actually had a crotch it would have been in a lot of pain. But, alas, my foot went right through the "man" and I woke up. OMgosh... I can't even explain how I was feeling. I looked over to Taj who was now sitting up in bed. I asked him, "Did I scream?" He answered with very wide eyes, "Yes." "Sorry dude. I had a bad dream."

It took a second for it to sink in that there was no man by my bed. Then I kinda got a little stoked because my mind and body thought there was a man in my room and I didn't just lay there or freeze in fear. I freakin' screamed, kicked and if my foot hadn't gone thru him I would have kept kicking while grabbing my gun. I was ready to fight!! Yay! I'm not a wimp!! I didn't really picture myself as a screamer, but I'll take it.

I called Sei and was trying to sound all normal, but since it was 1am he knew something was up. My hands were shaking so bad. I told him what happened, laughed about my arse-kicking ability and then he says, "Were your eyes closed? Because maybe it was a spirit..." Really Seiuli?? It was the weirdest feeling because even though I now realized and knew there was no man next to my bed, my body and brain didn't seem to know the difference. They had reacted like there was a man in my room. Just writing that creeps me out... It was really hard to calm down. I didn't like the dark room anymore and Taj didn't either. We turned on "Phineus and Ferb," I set a timer for the tv and eventually we both drifted off to sleep. But last night was again kind of creepy. I knew it was a dream, but man... in my head I'm thinking, "What if there HAD been a man there? What could have happened?" Aaack!!! I took 2 melatonin and eventually fell asleep. But thinking about going to bed tonight is kind of freakin' me out a little. Isn't that weird? I've had dreams that were freaky at the time, but didn't linger for days like this one has lingered. I think because this one was SO real I'm having a harder time forgetting it. I will be happy to have my man home all week so he can protect me from the scary silhouettes... or spirits. lol