Sunday, June 05, 2011

May in a nutshell

May was an interesting month. It was my birthday month. May 11 I turned... 29... for the 6th year in a row. Seiuli got me a Ruger LC9. It's the cutest little 9mm ever. I used it at my CHL class for the very first time. I was nervous since I hadn't shot that gun yet, but I did well even though I felt like the instructor was breathing down my neck. I would have done better if he hadn't come up to me in the middle of the test and show me a different way to hold my gun. For some reason sometimes when I shoot I overlap my thumbs. It's not hurting anyone or messing up my shot, so I didn't think it made a lot of sense to come try to change it mid-exam. I tried it "his way" the next round on the test and my shots sucked compared to the others. Grrrr... But whatever,  my license to carry should be arriving soon in the mail. "This is Texas. Everybody has a gun. My florist has a gun." (What movie?)

We've found a range in Dallas that has Ladies Night AND gives a law enforcement discount, so we've gone there a few times. I shot a Glock the other day and l.o.v.e.d it. It's too big to carry in my purse though. But I shot it well I think. These were my first 10 shots:

I just never hit the freakin' X!! Grrrr....

Tristan got really sick a couple of weeks ago. He went on a Father/Son campout with Seiuli and his brothers, then the following Saturday night he said he didn't feel good. I left him home, sleeping, the next morning while the rest of us (minus Sei who had worked all night...) went to church. I went home mid-church to check on T. He could not move his neck. It was sore and stiff. He had a fever. His throat hurt... So I took him to Urgent Care down the street. They tested him for strep- negative. And sent us immediately to the ER. They wanted him tested for meningitis. So, my big, 16 yr old baby went to the ER for the 1st time in his life. They x-rayed his neck and head, took tons of blood and he had a spinal tap done. :( All the preliminary tests came back negative. They sent us home with antibiotics for... they didn't know what. They instructed me to take him to his pediatrician the next day for a recheck. I did and they couldn't figure anything out. He puked that evening so I kept him home Tuesday. He threw up basically all morning then felt totally fine that night. Wednesday he felt fine so I sent him to school. 1 hour later he was in the nurse's office puking. Right when I was picking him up they had a fire drill. He puked in the parking lot in front of everyone... I took him back to the dr. They called a neurologist at Cook Children's Hospital in Fort Worth. He said to come down. So... back to the hospital. Tristan had a shirt over his head the entire drive there and while he laid in the hospital room. They doped him up to help his head stop hurting. The neurologist came in and did tests and said he was fine, neurologically. Basically the doctors that saw him collectively decided it was a virus he was fighting off. $4 million later and he has a virus. ;) The next day he felt 100% better. And he hasn't been sick since then... Weird. I'm just glad he's ok. It was not fun watching my baby get a spinal tap. :(

[caption id="attachment_3750" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Coming back from xrays"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_3751" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="ER visit #2"][/caption]