Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 15: My Dream Home

30 Days About Me

Don't laugh, but here's a pic that represents my "Dream Home."

[caption id="attachment_4026" align="aligncenter" width="380" caption="Gotta have the surfboards..."][/caption]

Maybe not an actual HUT, but I'm just not one of those people who looks at other homes and thinks, "Wow. I want that..." or "I need that big house" or anything else.

I'm not this lady:


I don't care about material stuff. I don't care about size or resale value or any of that other stuff I'm suppose to care about. I've lived in little houses, bigger houses, a small apartment, an apartment with roaches, the wilderness with a cup and a blanket... I've had 1 bathroom for 9 people, 3 bedrooms for 7 people.... And we were happy. I tell Seiuli all the time that I'm ready to sell everything and move to our hut in Hawaii. He can be a surf instructor and I'll sell bobbing head turtles. I think that would be amazing-- to sell everything and just go live the life you want; to quit conforming to the norm.  My dream home is with my family... preferably on a beach.

Is that too much to ask?