Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 17- Love/Hate...

30 Days About Me
Today's challenge is "Your Biggest Insecurity & Something About Yourself You Are Proud Of."   Hmm... I actually had to ask my husband what he thought my biggest insecurity is because I could think of a lot.  I have major trust issues. This would be stemming from being married to an a$$ who cheated on me and left me with 3 small children.  You would think finding an awesome man like my husband today-- loving him in a way I never knew existed and having his constant love and support would squash that insecurity. I guess in some ways it does, because I honestly believe he would never hurt me like that. But then I get nervous because I know if he did the same things my ex did, it would kill me. If I think about something that devastating happening, I can't even breathe.  I guess my insecurity would actually be the lack of belief that someone can love me enough to stay. That's a little deep for this meme, but... yeah. I struggle.

I also hate my body. Haaaaaate my thighs, butt, stomach, and right now I even hate my toes because I hit my big toe on a door and half the nail fell off. LOL  And I type all that as I sit here eating Milk Duds... I was so thin 10 years ago and now... blech. I feel like crap. Moving on...

I am most proud of how I am raising my kiddos. They tell me all the time I'm a "cool mom," but I'm not one of those moms that try to be a friend and not a parent. I try to draw on my experiences of being a "juvenile delinquent" and not jump to conclusions, LISTEN and remember sometimes kids are just dumb and they aren't doing things to hurt ME- it's rarely about me at all.  I may not parent the way books tell you to, or how my parents did or anything else, but my kids are respectful, stay out of trouble, and extremely beautiful, if I do say so myself... So I think I'm doin' ok. :)

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