Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 18: My wedding

30 Days About Me

I met Seiuli online 9 days after my annoying, long, drawn-out divorce was final. He emailed me on June 21. I knew something was different immediately with him- even before I talked to him on the phone. I flew to Utah to meet him July 5. I moved to Utah August 4th and almost 10 years ago, on Sept. 14 I rushed around packing a small bag and ran by Pacific Sunwear to buy a couple of new shirts. I made a list for my sister who would be watching Tristan, Alec and Isabel for the weekend. I checked and double checked to make sure I had the plane tickets. Then I drove to Fred House Academy to pick up Seiuli from his law enforcement training. We got to the airport early as was suggested by the airlines due to all the added security because of the tragic terrorist attacks just 3 days earlier. However, no one seemed to be flying and we were bumped up to an earlier flight. We arrived in Las Vegas 3 hours earlier than expected. What do you do with extra time to kill when you’re eloping?? I honestly don’t remember. I just know the time before our limo came to pick us up (10pm) never seemed to arrive!! Finally Doug- our driver- called up to our room at Circus Circus to let us know he was arriving. We rushed down to meet him and he drove us to the city building to get our marriage license. Then we drove to The Candlelight Wedding Chapel to get married. (It's been torn down since then... :( )  Doug was our witness and Rob Wayne Hickey was our preacher. Funny name, I know. He talked and talked and all I could think was, “Shut up already and say we’re married!!” After the ceremony, Doug took pictures for us and then drove us down the Las Vegas Strip. We were hungry but since it was midnite all the fancy restaurants were closed. We ended up eating in the casino restaurant at Circus Circus. I had a tuna melt. :) Afterwards we went upstairs and… yeah. The next day we hung out on the strip and walked FOR-EV-ER. Certain casinos didn't look that far until you start walking!!  I had on black flip flops that rubbed a big, painful blister on the top of my foot. So, we bought me some socks to wear with them. I’d only lived in Utah for 6 weeks and I looked like a total Utahn. I was so embarrassed but figured people weren’t paying attention to me and it’s not like I knew anyone there!! The next morning we left and flew back to Utah to start our new life as husband and wife. Our marriage has had it’s fair share of trials- mostly because of exes- but these past 10 years have truly been the best  years of my life. I am so blessed to have such a loving husband who spoils me rotten. He’s a great dad to all the kids. He’s never looked at the kids as “step” or “biological” kids. They’re all HIS kids. He does anything to make me happy and sacrifices so much for our family. I know our decision to elope pissed a lot of people off, but it came down to this: We wanted a MARRIAGE, not a wedding. We knew we were suppose to be together and everyone wanted to give their 2 cents worth. We had both been married before and gone thru painful divorces, so it's not like this was something we weren't taking seriously. Eloping made the most sense and we have never regretted it. :)