Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 30: A dream for the future beyond the next year…

DAY 30!! I actually did it and stuck to it. Wow. I didn't realize how much I missed blogging until I actually blogged every day for a month. Cool. :)

30 Days About Me

Today, the final day, I am suppose to write about a dream of mine for the future... I have a few. Some are more realistic than others, but if you're gonna dream, ya might as well dream BIG!! Right??

-- I plan to graduate from school in May 2013... the same year Tristan will graduate high school. :) I will have a BS in Family Studies and will be a Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE). I would like to work as an advocate for victim's of drunk driving or domestic violence.

-- I would like to travel to Australia within the next 10 years.

-- I want to be fluent in ASL.

-- I want to live near a beach. (This is one of those things that will probably not happen, but I can dream...)

-- I want all my children to find amazing people to marry and be happy and healthy and live their dreams!! (preferably near me...)

-- I want my husband and I to own a family business that our kids can work at if they want to. I love how Sei's uncle own "Kahuku Grill" in Hawaii. That'd be awesome.

--  I want to be completely out of debt.

-- I want to be 25 pounds lighter.

I am sure I have other dreams, but I am so tired right now that I'm drawing a blank... I will add more as they come to me. :)