Monday, August 08, 2011

Day 7: A Photo That Makes Me Happy :)

30 Days About Me
I have tons of pics that I love because they bring back great memories. Any pics when I am with my husband or my kids makes me happy. My family makes me happy. :) But I was trying to be "original" and find a photo that I wouldn't normally choose to share. So here goes:

[caption id="attachment_3937" align="aligncenter" width="330" caption="My parents... obviously in the 70s"][/caption]

This is my mom and dad back in the 70s at some point. I think it was maybe 73 or 74? I'm not positive. It makes me happy because 1) My dad is wearing quite possibly the ugliest shirt ever made. 2) He's also sportin' a perv mustache. 3) My mom's scarf coordinates perfectly. lol

It shows happy, young love. AND I can look back at this pic and think, "Wow, and my parents are still married and they still like each other!!" Having gone thru a divorce myself, and knowing so many people either divorced or from parents who are divorced, I realize I am lucky and very blessed to have parents that have been married 40 years. Yay! :) So, yes, this pic makes me laugh, but it makes me very happy and proud. :)