Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Halloween is headed our way!!!

Halloween is fast approaching. Once the school year starts time just flies by! Most year's Halloween sneaks up on me, but this year I am better prepared. Taj, my almost 8 yr old, loves to dress up year round, so most of his costumes are pretty worn out. I started my search online for boys costumes. Almost immediately I found the website Taj is always and forever into super heroes. So I searched through their huge selection of superhero Halloween costumes . There were so many to choose from!! Spiderman, Iron Man, Mr. Incredible!! Taj's newest favorites super hero is Captain America. We looked through the child Captain America costumes and found the perfect one! The price was right, the look is perfect and Taj couldn't have been more excited when it showed up FAST on our doorstep. They offer same-day shipping if ordered by 3pm EST.

We've had Captain America running around our house for 2 days now! :) The quality of the costume is great. It's sturdy and well-sewn-- it has to be to withstand the abuse my 8 year old will put it through! One thing- I am glad I ordered the large (10/12) even though Taj is younger. I checked the size chart on their website and that helped me make my decision. That was a helpful tool.

Because of the impressive quality, fast shipping, inventory and easy to navigate website, I will be ordering Liv's costume from here as well. I am just waiting for her to make up her mind-- Smurfette? Tinkerbell? Or a princess... again? They have costumes for adults or bigger kids as well, so Isabel, my 12 yr old, is excited to find her perfect costume too!

[caption id="attachment_3870" align="aligncenter" width="204" caption="My little Captain America!!"][/caption]