Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Blogging FAIL

I tried for 3 days to post a fun Halloween themed post before Halloween. Yep... I failed that mission. A friend wrote about why she blogs a few days ago. You may have read her blog before... Busy Bee Lauren.Yep, I knew Lauren before she was famous. In fact, when she was first starting out I "spotlighted" her on my blog. lol Anyway, her post got me thinking... Why don't I blog much anymore? I used to love it. It was my outlet, my hobby, my social life. I met a lot of cool ladies (and guy- OMAR!! ;) thanks to the blog world. And have had many real life adventures with a lot of them. :)

I was waaay into blogging from around mid-2006 to late 2009. Then it all changed. I can pretty much pinpoint it to my ex taking me back to court and I learned that he reads my blog. It ruined it for me. Not only was he reading my blog, he tried to use things in it against me in court- even when what I said  was clearly a joke like this: We talked about $ex and how it is for married couples to have with only each other. And how it is what makes babies. To which Tristan replied, “Well, when M___had $ex with J___when y’all were married, why didn’t she have a baby?” (M is his biological father and J is now his step-mom who was also M’s mistress.) “Uhh… well…. because they are huge sinners who are going to hell!” Just kidding. I didn’t say that. I just said, “There are things you can do to make sure you don’t have a baby. Also, some people can’t have babies….from my post about talking to the boys about puberty.

I was also so angry at him that when I felt like blogging I just wanted to bitch and moan, and let's face it- reading crap like that is a downer and gets old. So, I just basically stopped blogging. And no matter how much I would love to get back into blogging daily (or weekly!!) I just lost my groove, I guess. It's easier to post a one or 2 sentence Facebook status and be done with it. Ya know? I think that's a big part too- Facebook killed blogging. It's so much easier to look at your friend's pics online and click "like!" then to leave a comment after a long blog post.

Even THIS post has taken 2 days to write and I don't have a clear point or a clear ending. I was hoping when I did the "Thirty Days about Me" meme it would get me back in the habit. Yeah... no. It was fun and if I had someone tell me what to blog about daily it would be easier.