Sunday, January 08, 2012

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

I can't really call myself a "tree hugger" per se, but I do what I can to help by recycling. The city gives us a big recycle can to fill each week and fill we do (and over fill!!) To me it's not hard to throw the paper we aren't using, the plastic containers we are done with and the cans we have opened, into a separate container. My 2 youngest have recycling contests at their school. In fact, right now they are competing to see which classroom can bring the most newspapers and magazines. A couple months ago they were collecting plastic bottles. I think this is a great way to encourage recycling because I am sure I'm not the only person who DOES NOT like lose!! haha

One thing I do encourage my children to recycle probably embarrasses them right now. I have children in middle school and high school that participate in sports. Have you ever looked at the bleachers after a sporting event? They are a mess with trash. After every game I roam through the bleachers and pick up the Gatorade and water bottles left behind. I place them in the recycle bins right next to the exit doors. (Why the people who left the bottles in the bleachers couldn't just toss them in the bins is beyond me!?)

Another way I recycle is hand-me-downs. Most people may not think of this as "recycling," but it is. My sister and I rotate clothes between our children. Often I get a box of shirts from her for my 8 year old and I can remember my 16 year old wearing it years ago.  My older daughter is 7 years old than my youngest so often when she outgrows clothes I either pass them to someone I know, or- this if my favorite thing to do- my husband will take them to work with him. He's a police officer and often will go into homes where there is 4 or 5 children, sleeping on the floor of a one bedroom home. They have nothing. When that happens he will return with a box of clothes, toys, whatever, from our home and ask if they know anyone who may need them. Every time the family has been so grateful!! It makes us feel good that the clothes went to someone who needed them. The last family he took 4 bags of clothes to said they also had family in Mexico they can send what they don't use to. Recycling at it's best!!

You can recycle cell phones, ink cartridges, eye glasses and so much more.  Using eco-friendly products, such as printer ink available at is another way to help our world. :) What ways do you reduce, reuse, recycle?