Thursday, April 12, 2012

Catching up

So... here's what's been going on around here the last few months...

  • In 2010 I did the HCG diet to lose weight and I did lose. I lost 21 pounds in 6 weeks. It wasn't a horrible six weeks even though I could only eat 500 calories a day and couldn't drink Diet DP. I felt good after I lost the weight and I looked good too... for about 3 months. Then I gained all 21 pounds back. I knew I wanted to lose the weight again, so I had a pre-diet party for about 6 months. You know, the time when you eat and eat because you're going to start a diet "soon." Yeah, 6 months later and 15 more pounds on my arse I knew I needed to do something. But I didn't know how or where to start.

That's when Sei forwarded me an email from the city he works for. The city was offering to pay for employees and their spouses to participate in Slimming World for 12 weeks.  Sei prefaced the email with "Don't read too into this Babe..." But I knew that he knew I was unhappy. I just didn't realize how the email would change my life!! I decided I'd give this "Slimming World" a try. I didn't have anything to lose but about 35 pounds... haha So, Jan. 2 I went to my 1st meeting and weighed in. I learned more about the program and was stoked to see I could still eat pasta, potatoes, and other faves. Unlike other programs I don't have to weigh or measure anything, or in very rare instances I may need to count how many pieces of something I am eating.

Welp, as of today I have lost 30 pounds in 14 weeks. I'm 5 pounds from my goal-- and my goal was to lose 35 before Sei and I go to Hawaii in June. I am amazed. This was waaaay past my expectations! And because I wasn't expecting much I didn't take any "before" pics, so this one from Halloween will have to do....

28 1/2 pounds less

A little less booty

And what I am most excited about is that I really have changed my eating habits. This isn't a quick fix. I eat so much better now and I don't crave the old crap I used to crave. I also haven't been deprived. Sei and I go out to dinner every week-- and I have chips and salsa. I've eaten cookies, not on a daily basis, but I've eaten them. I've had candy, birthday cake, fajitas... I've just learned to eat in moderation! Who knew, right? ;) I've also been exercising a lot more. I actually do "Just Dance 3" on the Wii for about an hour a day. It's so fun and doesn't seem like exercise. But believe me, I work hard and get a good workout.

  • Tristan turned 17. SEVENTEEN!!! How the heck do I have a 17 year old?!?!?!!? This weekend he is taking a lifeguard certification course because he's hoping to work as a lifeguard this summer. He's a good kid and believe it or not, he hasn't given me any trouble. And he LIKES me!!!

  • Isabel turned 13. I now have THREE teenagers in my home. Crazy. She just finished track season where she ran the 100m hurdles, 300m hurdles and the 800m relay. She's freakin' fast. She chose to have a slumber party tomorrow night with like 4 million of her closest friends.!!

  • I have 4 weeks left of this semester and I am SO.READY. This has been a loooooong semester with a lot of papers to write and group projects to do. I loathe group projects. I decided to skip taking a summer class, so in the Fall I will take 12 hours again and in the Spring I will only be doing my practicum (internship.) Then I GRADUATE!!!! And then a month later my oldest child will graduate from high school... lol

  • Sei quit his 2nd job. After working 7 days a week for a year and a half, he was pretty burnt out. But that job was such a blessing and helped put us in a much better place financially. I am thankful he was willing to work that much for so long. He's awesome.

  • To be continued...