Wednesday, May 09, 2012

The semester is almost over!!!!

I have one more final to go and... SCHOOL'S....OUT FOR SUMMER!!!!!

I am so ready. This semester has been loooong and not an easy one. I don't have all my grades yet, but I am fully expecting straight As. I was pleasantly surprised with an A I received from the professor from hell. I was 1.5 points shy of an A. I guess attendance counted for something because she gave me an A. I was one of just a couple in the class. Woo hoo! I'm not taking any summer courses this year because the ONE class available was that same professor and I don't think I could survive taking another class with her so close to just ending one with her. Ugh. So in the Fall I will take 12 hours and in the Spring my last 3 hours-- which is actually just an internship. I can see the light!!!!

I met my weightloss goal of 35 pounds. I actually hit 36 pounds last Thursday. I am proud of myself because I have worked hard. It's kind of funny and sad at the same time, but I can put on the jeans I wore at my first "weigh in," zip them, and then pull them down and off without unbuttoning or unzipping them. They are ginormous. I can't believe I fit in them before-- and had to do squats to get them loose enough so I didn't look like white trash. lol

I turn 36 this Friday. That's so weird. I remember when 30 depressed me and 40 seemed freakin' old. Now I'm almost there.... lol I'm so happy with my family and life that 36 doesn't seem like a big deal. :)