Sunday, July 08, 2012

Dream come true!!!

I've said sooo many times that I want to learn to surf and I want to go to Hawaii. Well, both those things FINALLY happened!! Now, obviously I'm not a "surfer" like my husband and his cousins, but I did confirm what I already knew-- I'm an island girl at heart. I belong on an island. I loved the weather, loved the beach, loved the vibe... No wonder I've always felt restless and out of place my whole life. I'm freakin' landlocked! ;) I seriously broke down crying several times before we left to come home-- like 2 or 3 days before we left-- because I didn't want to leave. The last time I surfed I told Sei I was afraid to get out of the water because I knew I was gonna miss it. And I do. I've had surf dreams several times since leaving Hawaii on June 29. I realize that vacationing in an area and living reality in the same place is very different, but I have never felt a vibe like I did on the North Shore of Oahu. It just felt...right.

But enough of that because I'm getting more depressed. Lemme talk a little bit about our trip. This will take several posts. 1st off- SHOUT OUT to my sis-in-law, Irena, in Idaho. She took in all 5 of the kiddos-- and let's be honest, Livie is like 5 kids all by herself. We drove to Utah to visit family and friends, and then continued on to drop the kids off in Idaho on June 21. We spent the night at our bestie's home, Julio and Heidi (We didn't get any pics, Hi!!! :( ) Then early Friday morning Julio dropped us off at the SLC airport to fly to Oahu. Direct quote from one excited Tori: "I'm so excited I'm gonna puke!" I didn't sleep the entire flight over and the awesome thing was that because of the time change, it was only 11:20am when we arrived!!

We got our rental car and checked in to our hotel, then Seiuli called his cousin, Spencer, who lives over on the North Shore. We decided to head that way to see him and his family. I love the Hannemann family-- Uncle Arthur, Aunty Peggy, all 7 of their boys and their wives (5 of them are married anyway....) Right when we saw them they convinced Sei he had to "get in the water" and Spencer took him bodysurfing for just a little while while I chilled with his kiddos, Leila, Asher and River. Cool little kids!

Then we went to their family's amazing KAHUKU GRILL. If you are ever on the North Shore this grill is a MUST! Best coconut shrimp I've ever had!!! And the atmosphere is sick. (Sick in a good way. lol) We ate there 3 or 4 times while we were in Hawaii.  When you go, tell them Tori and Seiuli sent you!!!!

To be continued....